My Process

How I operate.

My process is the result of decades of industry experience. Throughout my career I have been eager to innovate, try new ideas and learn as much as I can. The service I offer is a testament to that and my clients get to reap the rewards. I know what works, I know the market and I get the outcomes.

Step 1

A chat

A great relationship is the most important part of a successful sale.
Call me anytime and we can chat about the market and any plans you may have for the future. Discussing what you wish to achieve and the steps we can take to get you there is the focus!

Step 2


If you are keen to move forward from our chat I will start the appraisal process, which includes visiting the property, obtaining and creating the relevant information that I will put into an appraisal box that provides you all the information you need to proceed with confidence and knowledge, all free of charge.

Step 3


From my visit to the property I will have a better understand of your goals and time line, this will allow me to make suggestions as to how we can best progress to ensure the optimal outcome. This could be small improvements to increase price expectations, marketing techniques and further industry advice.

Step 4


The planning stage includes both you and I discussing important aspects such as method of sale, types of advertising and dates for open homes, tenders and auctions. I ensure my vendors are highly involved in this stage!

Step 5

Taking to Market

I then take your home to the market! I respond to all queries, host the open homes and provide you with a weekly formal update with details of all attendees, their comments, along with online statistics that show how your properties is tracking. I also informally ensure you are kept up to date with all progressions and ensure you are as in the loop as possible.

Step 6


My favourite bit! We get a fantastic result. I ensure everything runs smoothly, you are fully in control and once everyone is satisfied we unveil the sold sign. This stage has lots of exciting bits that only my clients know about!